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Custom Ads

Your app is unique. And so should the ads on your app. Now style your ads to suit your app's flavor. It's easy, free and doesn't need any additional integration.

Customize standard ads with visual elements specific to your app, delivering a delightful and non-intrusive in app experience to your audience. Select from our rich gallery of custom frames and animations pre-built for the most popular app categories, and enjoy the benefits of this new ad format.

Custom Frames

Sometimes a simple transparent border on your ad makes all the difference. And at times, you have got to go that extra mile and build a custom frame that matches your app's look and feel. Be it matching colors, adding new textures or even including characters from your app onto the frame, InMobi's custom frames will delight you with their limitless flexibility and enormous revenue impact they are seen to deliver.

Custom Animations

Make your ads come alive with InMobi's custom animations. Mimic interactions from your app such as a swipe or a tap - or choose custom animations like fly-in and scatter. Better still, work with our in-house team of creative experts to create custom animations that will blow your mind away with their ad-appeal.

A/B Testing

With a simple A/B testing tool we have built, you can quickly run experiments with multiple ad concepts, and pick the one that delivers the best results for you.

Get started today!

InMobi Custom Ads require no additional integration effort. Contact your InMobi Partner Manager or drop us a note on to start using Custom Ads right away.

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