Native Content Ads

Deliver an integrated ad experience with layouts that match your app design.


Ads designed for carousel-based content stream. Great for photo and video apps.

Content Stream

Ads that mimic your app's content and appear in-stream. Ideal for social networking apps.

Content Wall

Ads for apps with multi-tile layout. Designed for apps such as news and entertainment.

App Wall

Ads that deliver high click through rates.Can be used for cross-promotion of your apps as well.

News Feed

Ads that deliver sponsored news feeds in your app. Ideal for news apps and a favorite with premium brand advertisers.

Chat List

Ads that blend well with user-generated content in a chat list.

Don't see what you need?

Customize existing layout for your app in 3 easy steps

1Define Customization Parameters

2Preview and Generate JSON Code

3Integrate and Go Live

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