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AerServ joins InMobi to create the world’s most powerful mobile video advertising and monetization solution Learn More ×

AerServ joins InMobi Learn More ×

Create high-impact mobile ads with InMobi Studio.

Use InMobi Studio to deliver rich consumer experiences through innovative ad formats. In addition to supporting traditional rich media ad formats like video and click-to-rich, InMobi Studio also supports the IAB Mobile Rising Stars Ad formats and more native ad capabilities like InMobi SmartAds.

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What are InMobi SmartAds?

InMobi SmartAds are highly responsive rich media ad formats triggered by a live or dynamic feed, such as live stock prices, news, and sports scores. SmartAds can also be customized based on real-time user context, such as location, weather, and more.

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SmartAds with live feeds.

Increase user engagement by integrating custom feeds with SmartAds that update dynamically in real time.

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Weather-triggered SmartAds.

Stormy winter day? Deliver an ad for a hot drink. Use weather conditions to provide the most relevant ad.

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Location-enabled SmartAds

Entice potential car buyers from competitor showrooms with geo-targeted ads. Reach your audience when it matters most.

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