In-App Header Bidding Perfected

Leverage unique audience intelligence to pre-fetch audience-driven bids from DSPs with a single call to our in-app header bidding SDK.

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Grow with the industry’s most comprehensive in-app header bidding solution

High Revenue
Drive revenue by maximizing inventory exposure with simultaneous requests to 70+ DSPs with unparalleled scale.
Deep Insights
Identify your ad whales, and acquire and retain ‘think-alikes’ through exclusive ARPU insights.
Operational Efficiency
Eliminate the inefficiencies of maintaining multiple call order setups in your primary mediation.

See How Audience Bidding Works

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Revenue Optimization

Boost in-app revenue with dynamic bids optimized for each user.

Maximize fills and revenue by increasing inventory exposure through simultaneous requests to 70+ DSPs that have global access to high intent advertisers.

Enriched Supply

Secure your in-app revenue by differentiating your supply path.

Stand out as enriched supply in a crowded marketplace by augmenting your inventory with high quality audience signals while working directly with the industry’s most preferred demand partners.

User Growth and Retention

Identify and grow your high-value users through actionable audience insights.

Know your user worth in ARPU by overlapping impression data with high quality carrier-verified audiences. Get in-depth visibility into user intent as well as advertiser interest for users at a device/segment level.

Optimized Trafficking

Optimize your demand partnerships with smart bids across price points.

Challenge your existing waterfall with pre-fetched bids across price points with a single SDK call. Get the most optimal bid through unified auctions.

Power your monetization with an exclusive User LTV dashboard

Uncover and control the true ARPU of your users through unwalled access to users insights that matter.

Average Revenue Per User Insights
Understand the true value of your audience at the user segment level and optimize each programmatic ad opportunity.
Location Trail and Demographic Insights
Monetize highly valued audiences identified by real-world user journey and demographic insights.
Behavioral Insights
Understand your audience’s interests and pursuits when not interacting with your app.

Get started with Audience Bidding using the InMobi SDK

Customized Integration
Integration roadmaps customized for your needs.
Dedicated Assistance
Dedicated integration team to assist with setup and ensure success.
Formal Training
Formal training and education on the technology and product suite.

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