Calling All Developers

Posted on July 05, 2011
By Terence Eden

My name is Terence Eden and I'm InMobi's new Developer Community Manager. If you're a developer, I want to hear from you:

  • What you think InMobi could do better.
  • What platforms you want us to target.
  • How we can make life easier for you - especially if you're an individual developer or small business.
  • Why you choose InMobi - and if you didn't choose InMobi, why not.
  • Where you see the mobile advertising world going in the next year.

So whether you're just getting started in mobile development, or you've been creating J2ME apps since the Motorola i85s, get in touch and let me know what matters most to you. You can follow us on Twitter @InMobiDeveloper, leave a comment here, or drop me an email.