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Developers' Guide to MWC

Terence Eden
5 min read
Posted on February 06, 2012

Here's our Top Ten Tips for surviving Mobile World Congress.

  1. Business Cards
    How many cards were you planning on bringing? Nope - bring twice as many! Make sure you actually do something with the cards you pick up - I like WorldCard for scanning in cards.
  2. Pick Up All The Schwag
    Every company will be handing out free posters, stressballs, branded USB sticks, samples, and - in some cases - giving away phones. Take everything you can lay your hands on.
  3. Hand Sanitiser
    You're going to be shaking hands with thousands of people. Take along a bottle of hand sanitiser to help prevent picking up the MWC lurgy.
  4. Throat Lozenges
    Talking everyone through your app is hard on the vocal chords - especially if you've spent all night at the karaoke! Rest your voice and suck on something medicated.
  5. Go To Every Party
    There are dozens of parties every night. Don't be afraid of dropping out of one and going to another. And another. And another. Stop when you get to the party serving dry-ice mojitos!
  6. Throw Your Own Festival
    Take a look at the Unofficial Fringe Festival, pop along to some of their sessions, or ask if you can set up your own.
  7. Power Worries?
    Take a couple of spare batteries - there's nothing worse than demoing your app and having the phone die from lack of juice. Carry a portable charger and make sure it's full.
  8. Spare Phone
    Barcelona is a great city - but MWC attracts thieves who are desperate to part you from your gadgets and cash. Check out the official MWC security tips - and make sure you have a spare phone in case yours gets pilfered.
  9. Drop By The InMobi Stand
    InMobi will be at Stand 2.1C64, Hall 2,1. I'm really looking forward to chatting to app developers about how InMobi can monetise their apps. I want to see your demos! We're also going to have some exciting giveaways.
  10. Not Going To MWC?
    Finally, if you're not going to MWC, pop along to Not At MWC in London and hang out with the cool kids!
Got any other sure fire tips? Drop them in the comment box.

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