New SDK for Android & iOS

Posted on April 16, 2012
By Team InMobi

It's here!

Get started straight away - download the iOS SDK and download the Android SDK. As we mentioned previously, iOS app developers don't have to worry about the UDID related app rejection that Apple recently put into motion. InMobi Ad SDK 350 does away with UDID and uses ODIN1 instead. Transmitted only once encrypted, no one can spy on it. You can read more about the companies other than InMobi employing ODIN1as an alternative to UDID.


We've got a load of new features for you. The main highlight of this release is support for inline video ads. We firmly believe that this feature will lead to higher eCPMs as we think users will interact more with video ads as this format tends to be more engaging.

InMobi Video Ads

The new release is MRAID 1.0 compliant. MRAID's goal is to make life easier for creators of Rich-Media ads by enabling easy understanding and correct rendering of ads written using the MRAID API. So, what are you waiting for? Improve monetization for your apps now - download the iOS SDK and download the Android SDK. If you need any help, check the Wiki, write to, or you can always turn to your Partner Manager. Here's to making kick-arse apps with even higher monetization!