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The next-gen conversion tracking using InMobi Ad Tracker

Chandrashekhar Vattikuti
5 min read
Posted on May 02, 2012

When we build products at InMobi, we try looking beyond the problem and look at the solution instead. So when the UDID deprecation news began doing the rounds, we knew we wanted to build a product that not only addressed the specific problem but also the other issues that advertisers are facing today. As an advertiser have you ever wondered if the ad networks that you are working with use the same algorithm for conversion tracking? If not, then how does an advertiser working with different ad networks compare a campaign performance across these networks? Let's put the apples to oranges comparison dilemma aside for a minute. To collate this data in the first place, an advertiser will have to go through the laborious process of logging into the different ad networks, generate the reports and then consolidate it to even begin comparing performance. And the solution to all these problems has to not only keep in mind that UDID would be deprecated, but would need to be flexible enough to not be affected by other such technology impacts that the future might hold. So we went back to the drawing board with all these problems to find an apt answer for our advertisers. InMobi's experience with a large number of advertisers put us in a position to clearly understand the requirements of an advertiser and come up with the best solution InMobi Ad Tracker.

  1. Independent and Open platform: InMobi Ad Tracker is a conversion tracking platform that can track your conversions across all channels. This means that you have a single dashboard to view all your reports across all ad networks and publishers. And since the conversion tracking method is the same, you now have apples to apples comparison of how an ad channel is performing for you. It also means that you do not have to go through integration cycles with multiple solution providers. Just one solution for all your needs.
  2. Good bye UDID: The solution is a UDID free solution that mainly uses browser cookies to track conversions. To be truly independent of any ID, the best in market solution that works across all channels is a cookie based approach. Hence, this was our first choice for the product.
  3. Multiple matching technologies: To ensure that you never miss out on inventory, the solution combines different technologies such as browser cookies, ODIN 1 and Market Referrer. Support of these multiple technologies also ensures that if some technology gets deprecated, you are not affected.

What's more, we provide you all this at absolutely no cost. We believe that an advertiser should spend money in running effective campaigns and leave the tracking part to us. There is more packed into the feature rich platform. To read more about how you can benefit from InMobi Ad Tracker, check out www.inmobi.com/adtracker. Or you could simply login to adtracker.inmobi.com to get started I hope you benefit from the advantages of InMobi Ad Tracker

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