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App Spotlight: Wheels of Steel

Sohan Maheshwar
5 min read
Posted on October 24, 2013

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Wheels of Steel is a 3D train simulator for Android developed by Dutch publishing house Vasco Games. It is a simple game where the objective is to transport goods from one town to the other in a specified amount of time. If a mission is successful you are rewarded with money that you can use to improve your train. You can even chose to spend that money on increasing the speed or power of your train or maybe even buy a new locomotive if you have enough money as you progress through the game.

Speaking about where they got the inspiration for the game, Vasco Games said “We have been fans of the nostalgic train games for years. In late October 2013 we met with a development party who could translate our wish of having a cool looking and accessible train simulator. Together we decided that the game should be suited for a large group of train lovers: kids, parents but also fun to play for the most hard-core train simulator player. Wheels of steel throws you right in and the player should explore his own options.”

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