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What Developers Can Learn from My Mobile Game Addiction

Emily Basileo
5 min read
Posted on March 17, 2014

      My name is Emily, and I’m addicted to mobile gaming. What started as an innocent time killer rapidly spiraled into an insatiable obsession. I found myself actually making time to play games, crafting creative ways to extend gameplay when I ran out of lives, begging friends I hadn’t seen since high school for special game boosters, and at times, spending real money on intangible in-game purchases. Even so, I never realized the extent of my addiction until I compared my gaming habits to those of other mobile gamers in the U.S.

      InMobi conducted a study of American mobile gamers to identify game segmentation trends and analyze game consumer thought and behavior. According to this study, I am an archetype of what our newly released Mobile Gaming Playbook dubs the “ever-gamer,” a gamer who plays everywhere, all the time, across multiple genres. In fact, our research indicates that not only do traditional mid-core gamers frequent game apps and play long game sessions, but casual gamers also play games multiple times per day and for long periods of time. According to our study:

      1. 60% of American mobile gamers play mobile games multiple times per day
      2. American mobile gamers average 31 minutes per game session

      In addition to game segmentation and consumer analysis, our playbook provides insight on how developers can utilize gamer metrics to construct successful app acquisition and monetization strategies in the U.S. market. Download our Mobile Gaming Playbook now to learn how to:

        1. Optimize user acquisition
        2. Maximize revenue from paying gamers
        3. Monetize non-paying gamers

      A limited number of free booklets will be available at our GDC booth, so come find us for your copy… and while you're there, you just might catch me playing on my smartphone.

      The full Mobile Gaming Playbook is available to download via our InMobi’s Global Insights Portal: here

      Download our complementary report, Mobile Gaming Cross-Market Analysis, which discusses mobile gaming trends in the U.S., China and Korea: here

      To learn more about our research, contact: insights@inmobi.com


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About the Author

Emily has always had an inquisitive mind and an active imagination. Her imagination told her that she was a superhero. Although Emily never developed the ability to fly, she spread her wings and left her hometown to study at NYU. Emily’s adventures eventually led her to San Francisco, where she joined the AppGalleries family and excelled as the Director of Operations. In 2012, InMobi acquired AppGalleries, and Emily was absorbed into the Strategy & Operations team. Today, Emily thrives on the Global Insights team, pondering marketing’s big questions, identifying trends, and crafting actionable strategies. Ever the optimist, Emily still hopes to fly – she has a cape.

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