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#GamesPeoplePlay - S01E03

Sonia Abraham
5 min read
Posted on August 22, 2014

GamesPeoplePlay is a mobile-game deathmatch tournament to decide what InMobi’s favourite game is. Every episode features two games squaring off against each other. InMobians play these games and decide which one is better. This continues till a winner is crowned. Oh, and we get to have a ton of fun while doing so!

Episode 3: Paperama vs Dots

Quick! Get your Delorean to 88 mph, ‘cause we’re going back in time. Back to when connecting dots and origami (read paper planes) helped us all get through those high school history classes.


© Universal Studios

In Episode III, there is no revenge, nor are there any Sith; just some old school fun. So, get your hoverboards ready, as we’re pitting FDG Entertainment’s Paperama against Betaworks’ Dots.

Dots is a matching game where coloured dots are connected. In Paperama, you digitally fold paper, origami style.

But first, let me take a #selfie introduce our volunteers. In one corner, we have Cathy Li and in the other, Harry Yu.

Wait, did someone say selfie? Here you go:

Selfie_Cathy.jpg Selfie_HArry.jpg

Gamer #1: Cathy Gamer #2: Harry (extreme right)

Both volunteers exhibited great perseverance and tenacity in playing the games.

Cathy sacrificed many a tea time tête-à-tête with her girls, trying to line up as many squares as she could in an effort to better her personal high score in Dots; while Harry, in his dogged pursuit of the perfect whale (Paperama-Yama, level #15), began to display shades of Captain Ahab.

Cathy playing.jpg Harry_Playing.jpeg

Head to Head

1. Which is the easier game to learn to play?

Cathy: Dots. You cannot NOT learn how to play this game. It’s fun and simple.

Harry: Yes, I’d have to agree. Dots is really simple to play. Paperama isn’t hard once you play it for a bit, but for sheer non-rocket science-ness, Dots wins.

Dots screenshot.png

The score: Dots 1 - Paperama 0. Dots takes this round owing to its beautifully simplistic concept.

2. Which of the two games kept you playing for longer?

Cathy: Hmmn. I picked up Dots really fast and it’s awesome, but the challenge does run out. Paperama has levels and criteria that I had to meet. So, when my paper-folded plane looked more like a sinking Titanic, it pushed me till I got it right. So, Paperama for me!

Harry: Paperama, fo sho! It has levels and some of them are frustratingly difficult. But, it’s oh-so satisfying when you get the shape right.


And the challenge heats up. Paperama’s thoughtfully designed levels keeps gamers wanting more and takes our score line to Dots 1 - Paperama 1.

Speaking of satisfaction...

3. On a scale of 1 to 10, which of the two games is the most satisfying?

And, by satisfying, we mean something like this:


Cathy: Hmm. I love the musical note progression as you connect more dots. But Paperama is also very satisfying, with that beautiful white line outlining my creation. I’d say Dots 7, Paperama 8.

Harry: Tough one. Dots, 7. Paperama, 7.

This round: Dots 0.5 - Paperama 1.

The Winner

Final score: It’s Dots 1.5 - Paperama 2!

Paperama’s engaging levels carry it to first place over Dots. And our nostalgic trip is sadly over. Time to get into the Delorean and head back. Back to the future.

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