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Getting Started With SDKBOX InMobi Plugin

Mona Sharma
Senior Product Marketing Manager
5 min read
Posted on June 21, 2016

InMobi as the Monetization Partner

At InMobi, we are pleased to extend our monetization support to the COCOS2DX community. Currently, we are helping more than 10,000 developers across the world to monetize effectively. InMobi is the only mobile-first advertising platform with a reach of 1.56 billion active users, 943 million monthly active users, and 202 million daily active users.

With InMobi as its monetization partner a developer gets access to:

  • Higher Revenue Generation - attracting diverse advertising dollars with a mix of both performance and premium brand advertisers.
  • Yield maximization - with support for leading mediation platforms like MoPub, AdMob, Heyzap, Fuse Powered (Upsight), AdMarvel, Fyber, etc.
  • Monetization opportunity in every region! - InMobi is present on the ground in 20 cities across the globe and helping developers monetize across all regions. Apart from a stronghold in English speaking countries, InMobi is considered as the strongest non-domestic advertising network in China.
  • Simple Integration - Get started with InMobi under 10 minutes with a simple plug-n-play SDK integration.

In order to start monetization with InMobi follow the below steps to set up InMobi SDKBOX plugin.

Set-up InMobi Account

To get started with InMobi, set up the account as follows:

1. Go to InMobi website and hit “Sign Up”.

2. Sign up as a publisher.

3. Click “Add an App”, and hit the link as shown below. Name your app, select your platform and proceed.

Note: For apps without a URL, the test mode is on by default. Once live, input the URL on the dashboard by clicking the link as shown below and your app will be ready to monetize.

4. With placements, select the ad format of your choice and tag it for superior monetization, based on the ad unit’s location and context in the app. Currently, you can either select interstitial or banner ad format for monetization on SDKBOX plugin.

5. Proceed to integrate and select SDKBOX as the development platform.

6. Your placement is created!

Enable SDXBOX Plugin

  1. Download the SDKBOX plugin from here.
  2. In your project, set up the plugin with following details:
  • Account ID = InMobi Account ID
  • Ad ID = InMobi Placement ID

You are now ready to monetize with InMobi using SDXBOX plugin. The detailed documentation is available here.

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