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Combating Invalid Traffic with DoubleVerify

Sreeshna Sreekishan
Sreeshna Sreekishan
Marketing Manager
5 min read
Posted on June 04, 2019
Combating Invalid Traffic with DoubleVerify

As we continue to work towards building a transparent and fraud-free in-app advertising ecosystem, we announced our partnership with DoubleVerify a few months ago as a step towards achieving this goal. While the integration covers both viewability and traffic quality, this blog will focus on how the partnership helps combat in-app ad fraud.

The solution is one among the first to be accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC) for its ability to detect and filter Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT). SIVT is notoriously harder to detect when compared to General Invalid Traffic (GIVT), as fraudsters attempt to mimic genuine user behavior. The DoubleVerify (DV) integration with InMobi ensures that our partners are protected from emerging forms of SIVT including:

  • Background Ad Activity
  • Hidden Ads
  • App Misrepresentation (Spoofing)
  • Measurement Manipulation

The partnership guarantees always-on fraud filtering and measurement across InMobi’s platform. What makes this integration unique compared to others in the industry is that it does not work only on a sampling basis. Rather, it covers 100% of the supply available on InMobi Exchange.

More specifically, all requests are analyzed and scored by DV on a pre-bid logic, before even being forwarded to DSP partners. That’s not all too, as the integration moves beyond just pre-bid filtering by monitoring post-bid activity to ensure that traffic remains fraud free.

You can learn more about the partnership by watching the video below:

About the Author

Sreeshna is an Associate Product Marketing Manager at InMobi, focussed on Exchange - InMobi's In-App Programmatic offering. She has over two years of experience in the field of tech marketing. If you catch her during the day, she's most likely reading technical documentation and thinking of a way to make it more understandable for her non-tech colleagues.

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