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AerServ joins InMobi to create the world’s most powerful mobile video advertising and monetization solution Learn More ×

AerServ joins InMobi Learn More ×

Engage with the largest set of mobile-first audience with InMobi Audience Personas

Make the most of consumer moments with 872 million uniques on our network.

Reach relevant audiences with InMobi Audience Personas, created and enriched using first, second and third-party data.

Create custom personas to access niche audiences for your brand.

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Go beyond location coordinates with InMobi Geo Context Targeting

Reach audiences at the most relevant locations with InMobi Geo Context Targeting. Uncover insights from the myriad location patterns generated by always-on mobile consumers and drive bottom-funnel conversions through precise location advertising.

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Extend your audience reach with InMobi Brand Propensity Targeting

Extend your audience reach beyond pre-defined cohorts with InMobi Brand Propensity Targeting. Discover, in real-time, audiences that demonstrate a high affinity towards your brand and see your campaign results soar.

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