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Anne Frisbie from InMobi Selected for Mobile Marketer's Mobile Women to Watch 2010

Published on December 01, 2009

Mobile Marketer’s inaugural Mobile Women to Watch 2010 list celebrates smart women who are expected to make a difference in mobile advertising,marketing and media in 2010. These women now have the brush, oils and canvas to paint bold strokes in 2010. Anne Frisbie from InMobi has been interviewed about being selected as one of the Mobile Marketer's Mobile Women to Watch for the year who, according to Mickey Alam Khan from Mobile Marketer, is poised to make more history  and write yet another chapter in mobile marketing's book. “In 2008, I almost decided to stay in PC Web business. I could not be happier about my decision to go into mobile, and I certainly would love more women to enter the field.”

What do you most like about your job?

The mobile industry could not be more exciting right now.The pace of innovation is simply astounding.The excitement that I see from consumers about the mobile Web reminds me of the early PC Web and search days circa 1997. With that said, advertisers and publishers are smarter today than they were then about digital advertising, so adoption of mobile advertising is happening at an even faster pace and with a greater intelligence of being able to measure its eTectiveness. InMobi’s revenue has increased by more than 20 times since I began, and that is happening in a weak media year.

What’s the biggest challenge in your job?

One of the best things about InMobi is its global footprint. We are available in 24 countries, headquartered in India,with offices in Singapore, London, South Africa and Palo Alto, CA, and even more importantly, have thousands of clients who are located all around the world. While this global footprint allows InMobi to service its clients around the clock, it presents work challenges with late night and early morning calls. Let’s just say that I have become quite proficient with the use of timezone calculators.

What is your work priority for 2010?

InMobi is just beginning to hire more people in the U.S., so hiring and building a team here is my top priority now and in 2010. InMobi has become the clear mobile advertising network leader in Asia and Africa, and we are looking to replicate this level of success around the globe.

What will it take to attract more women to mobile marketing?

Mobile Marketer’s Mobile Women to Watch is a great first step. I think it will help to get the word out. In 2008, I almost decided to stay in the PC Web business. I could not be happier about my decision to go into mobile, and I certainly would love more women to enter the field.

Your proudest achievement in mobile?

I am very proud of the strong, exclusive international partnerships that I have helped put into place with leading North American publishers who have built up large mobile audiences including MocoSpace, Vuclip and Jumbuck. Anne Frisbie has worked at Yahoo, AltaVista,Zip2 and Goldman Sachs. She is based in Palo Alto, CA. The entire list is featured on