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Meet The 28 Most Powerful Women In Mobile Advertising: 2013

Published on September 18, 2013

inmobi women.jpg While there are plenty of influential women in the mobile ad business, most of them have CEOs above them who are male. When women are mobile adtech CEOs, it tends to be at smaller companies they founded themselves. So here is our ranking of the most powerful female executives in the mobile ad business.

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First, we asked our readers to submit nominations. To ensure the nominations weren't self-serving, we also asked you to submit two nominations from other companies, rivals or colleagues. And we asked for revenue numbers in dollars, to gauge the size of the business these executives are in charge of. This is not a complete list of every influential woman in mobile advertising, obviously. We chose the women with larger client bases, greater revenues (or spending), larger staffs and more innovative ideas than their peers. You can see more details on our ranking methodology at the end of this list. And here's last year's list for comparison. Learn more about InMobi's list-topping women: Stephanie Sarofian, Phalgun Raju and Anne Frisbie! Read the full Business Insider article.