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The Exchangewire

February 17, 2013

ExchangeWire is announcing the launch of its new mobile advertising event in 2013. The invite-only, Mobile Sessions is the first event ExchangeWire has created that is 100% focused on the mobile advertising industry. The half-day event will be hosted at the OXO2 on Monday, February 18. Mobile Sessions will be a taster for our mobile track at ATS London in 2013 - and will discuss the big challenges and opportunities around mobile advertising investment. It will look to provide a framework that will help the industry adopt mobile as a scalable media channel. How will this be different to any other mobile-focused conference? As with any ExchangeWire event, it aims to provide real solutions and answers to existing problems in the eco-system. The perceived challenges in mobile advertising are well documented. Mobile Sessions will be developed around content which addresses these challenges. It will feature case studies, keynotes and practical panel based discussion. Speaker Topic: Mobile Innovation Partner for Advertisers & Publishers Speaker: Zee Ahmed – Head of Business Development, UK Zee is InMobi’s Head of Business Development for the UK.  He leads the UK’s supply side strategy, developing InMobi’s publisher portfolio, product mix and third party partnerships. Prior to joining InMobi Zee was the UK Sales Lead for Navteq Media Solutions, Nokia’s location based mobile ad network. He has over 10 years experience in digital and mobile advertising.

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