Rajiv Bhat

Senior Vice President, Data Sciences and Marketplace

Rajiv is the Senior Vice President of Data Sciences and Marketplace at InMobi. For Data Sciences, he looks after machine learning at InMobi and in his Marketplace function, Rajiv oversees global network optimization, management, and quality.

Before he joined InMobi, Rajiv co-founded Mertado, a social shopping platform that was bought over by Groupon. Post the acquisition, Rajiv worked with Groupon as a Data Scientist in their Palo Alto office.

Rajiv has built an eight-year career in data sciences and analytics, and is deeply passionate about the potential that information untouched by hand has to improve our lives. He believes that the future will belong to the collective consciousness telling us what we want to know when we want to know it.

Rajiv has an undergraduate degree in Physics from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. After a brief corporate stint as an analyst with McKinsey, he returned to academia and did a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

When Rajiv isn’t working on cutting edge science for InMobi, He works on cutting-edge science for himself. Building real life quantum computers, making machines talk to computers, creating vacuum systems at 10^-10 torr, and playing the guitar and are few things he enjoys doing.