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Another Feather in the Cap for InMobi

Published on July 31, 2009

InMobi, formerly mKhoj, is not only rebranding itself, but also extending this new form to its technology offerings as well. The new ad code that has been launched to provide with greater benefits is creating the buzz among publishers looking to monetize their mobile property. An excerpt from InMobi: “With V2, publishers are now given the flexibility of specifying additional demographic and targeting parameters while contacting InMobi network. This will greatly improve the relevance of the ads shown to the users, deliver a better user experience and boost the monetization by a large degree. While providing the added flexibility to the advanced publishers, the ad code also addresses the convenience of the basic publishers. V2 comes in two flavors - Basic : for publishers who seek a technologically simple way to integrate with InMobi - Advanced : for publishers with a need for technologically sophisticated solutions and want to integrate with InMobi in a deeper way to share additional information that might enhance monetization The ad code also serves multiple advertisements in a single request. This means that publisher site needs to make a single call specifying the number of ads it need to the ad server to receive multiple ads that will be served at the same time. Users will not only be able to enjoy a quick rendering of the page, but likelihood of duplicate ads will also be eliminated. Other than the advantages listed above, V2 extends its capabilities to support additional scripts. The publisher also has the ability to choose either ‘Text Only’, ‘Banner Only’ or ‘Text & Banner’ ads formats. The advanced technology exposes simple and easy to use API’s that can be leveraged to start monetization in a jiffy. While the new ad code provides greater monetization advantages to all publishers, InMobi has also kept in mind the seamless transition for existing customers. As mobile advertising ecosystem grows and starts being widely adopted, these kinds of services will help cover that extra mile to be a notch above the competition.”

What we think

It is evident that mobile advertising is a tempting sector of the industry and everyone is jumping in to get their share of the pie. While this being the case, the old players are maintaining their edge by bringing in innovative ways of offering their partners the advantages that beat the competition and InMobi has definitely taken the step in the right direction. While information about new partnerships, expanding geographies and latest hires are hitting the news stand, it is exciting to know that constant improvements to existing technology has not been put in the back seat and current partners have a lot to look forward to. Also find the article here.