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259th 1Mby1M Entrepreneurship Podcast with Amit Gupta, InMobi

June 21, 2017  •  One Million By One Million

Amit Gupta, Co-Founder of InMobi, knowing my aversion to ‘Valuation Without Revenue’ Unicorns, starts off by telling us that InMobi’s valuation is firmly anchored in revenues. He goes on to discuss InMobi’s strategy for going global, and highlights…

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Why VPAID’s growing pains are problematic for publishers

June 20, 2017  •  Digiday

For every new ad standard, there is a new set of issues.Video player ad-serving interface definition (VPAID) tags are having a moment due to the growing demand for video. But they still create problems for publishers such as lost revenue opportunities…

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Why media buyers are often absent from discussions that set programmatic standards

June 20, 2017  •  Digiday

On a recent Wednesday morning, around a dozen reporters, agency and ad tech executives gathered at a roundtable hosted by ad tech firm InMobi at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Ad Lab in New York City. One of the attendees, Jason Cooper, gm of…

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Here's What These Execs Wish They Had Known at the Start of Their Careers

April 30, 2017  •  Inc.

Wouldn't it be great if someone had advised you and you would have listened to not make certain mistakes in the first place?Think about your career. Looking back, have there been periods along the way where you misspent time, concentrated on the wrong…

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The 10 Biggest Startups in India to Watch

April 30, 2017  •  NANALYZE

It’s been said that India may not have potable water or reliable electricity, but it has entrepreneurs. More than 1.3 billion of them at last count. It shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise, then, that India is home to a growing number of technology…

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InMobi on the Mechanics of Monetization as a Mobile Gaming Publisher

April 26, 2017  •  Thalamus (US)

InMobi is famously known as one of the largest independent mobile advertising companies in the world, even rivaling Google and Facebook in the fight for dominance in the future $100B mobile advertising market. What do you think has attributed to much…

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Creative Optimization in a Post-CTR World - top mobile marketers share tactics and trends from the front lines of creative ad optimization

April 25, 2017  •  Singular (US)

Based on interviews with the best digital marketing teams in the world, Singular's guide to Creative Optimization includes tips, tools and hacks from user acquisition leads and designers at Google, Twitter, Next Games,Waze, Match Group, InMobi & more.Read…

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What Comes First - The Data Or The Creative

April 11, 2017  •  AdExchanger

“Data-Driven Thinking" is written by members of the media community and contains fresh ideas on the digital revolution in media.Today’s column is written by Rajiv Bhat, senior vice president of data sciences and marketplace at InMobi.Read the original…

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It took InMobi 10 years to make a profit, and it doesn’t want other unicorns to wait that long

April 07, 2017

The mobile advertising platform’s hiring and firing practices drew scrutiny. Worryingly, investors have kept a distance—its last funding round was in 2011—and some of its biggest bets didn’t pay off. For instance, its 2015 launch of Miip, which…

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Mobile advertising firm InMobi sees operationally profitable 2016 following big boost in China

April 05, 2017  •  Pocket Gamer (US)

Mobile advertising firm InMobi sees operationally profitable 2016 following big boost in ChinaRead the original article here.

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Women in Wireless, SoundCloud, iTunes

April 01, 2017  •  Women In Wireless (US)

Inspiring & Insightful Conversations with Mobile and Digital Women Who Rock!Women in Wireless is a global networking group of over 12,000 members with the mission to connect, inspire and empower women in mobile and digital.In this podcast series we have…

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Digital Ad Pricing StatPack: CPMs and Pricing Trends for Display, Video and Social Ads Served Worldwide

April 01, 2017  •  eMarketer (US)

With input from 35 companies, this StatPack provides a visual overview of trends in display, video and social media ad pricing based on Q1 2016 data, both in the US and worldwide.Read the original article here.

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Why You Should Introduce Machine Learning Into Your Marketing Now

March 15, 2017  •  CMSWire (US)

Cater to the "market of the one" — this has always been the holy grail of marketing. Brands and marketers have always strived to understand individual consumer necessities and tried to cater to them directly through an open dialog, at scale.While this…

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In-App Viewability Makes Strange Bedfellows Out Of Fierce Competitors

March 15, 2017  •  AdExchanger (US)

Viewability vendors, including Integral Ad Science, DoubleVerify and Moat, are banding together in an uneasy alliance to tackle in-app viewability using open-source software – but the problem is far from solved.“The spirit of the open-source initiative…

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March 03, 2017  •  Digiday (US)

Ad tech likes jargon and here comes another one: “VPAID.” VPAID stands for video player ad-serving interface definition. It was first introduced by the Interactive Advertising Bureau back in 2012. While it is not new, it is gaining importance in programmatic…

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InMobi Launches In-App Video Viewability Suite for Brands

March 03, 2017  •  MarTech Series (US)

India-based mobile advertising platform InMobi, announced the InMobi Video Viewability Suite, combining support from two leading independent video measurement partners: Integral Ad Science (IAS) and Moat. InMobi said it is the first in-app mobile ads…

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New from InMobi: In-App Video Viewability Suite for Brand Advertisers

March 03, 2017

Global ad platform InMobi is launching something new: the InMobi Video Viewability Suite. The suite combines support from two leading independent video measurement partners: Integral Ad Science (IAS) and Moat.“With this, InMobi is the first independent…

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Four Mobile Marketing Trends That Made a Big Impact in 2016

February 24, 2017  •  MarTech Advisor (US)

Arun Pattabhiraman, VP & Global Head of Marketing, InMobi reflects on what worked well, and not so well, in the past year and how the learnings can be implemented into marketers’ and advertisers’ 2017 strategieseMarketer predicted that 2016 mobile…

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InMobi Advanced Mobile Video Ad Solutions

February 23, 2017  •  Adotas (US)

InMobi, a global mobile advertising and discovery platform, today launched a suite of advanced mobile video ad solutions in Europe. The platform includes innovative video ad formats such as vertical videos, interactive rich-media videos, 360 degree videos,…

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InMobi, Nextwave Multimedia Partner To Enhance In-App Monetization

February 23, 2017  •  ​Media Post (US)

Mobile advertising company InMobi on Thursday said it's partnered with the game developer Nextwave Multimedia to enhance the monetization of NextWave's mobile apps. InMobi used a variety of different ad placements to enhance the apps’ monetization,…

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