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InMobi Finds AT&T, T-Mobile Deal Would Bump Verizon to No. 2 on Ad Impressions

March 23, 2011

The potential impact of AT&T’s proposed purchase of T-Mobile is gaining greater clarity with each passing day. InMobi, the world’s largest independent mobile advertising network, has found that the pending deal would bump Verizon from it’s lofty perch as king of mobile ad impressions. “Towards the end of 2010,” says James Lamberti, VP, Global Research & Marketing at InMobi, “Verizon carried more mobile ad impressions than any other, mostly driven by its high percentage ...

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Cricket: A boon for mobile advertisers

March 17, 2011

In today’s hectic world, people are always on the run and it is nearly impossible to stay at home to watch cricket matches. Cricket lovers have widely started subscribing to mobile services such as live scores, latest results, schedules and points table. During the cricket season, there has also been an increase in downloads of mobile content like cricket wallpapers, games, news and analysis by experts, and much more. Moreover, with the number of smartphones increasing, there has been a ste...

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Back in full swing

February 10, 2011

With the economy booming, entrepreneurs with overseas experience are relocating to India and are building companies with cross-border models that leverage technology and skills while catering to customers across the world. Most of these ‘big-ticket’ entrepreneurs relocating to India are from top-notch universities and blue chip corporates in the US. Take Harvard Business School graduate Naveen Tewari for instance, he co-founded InMobi, a technology company for mobile advertising networks ...

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Start-ups missing out on mobile ad boom

February 09, 2011

Small firms aren’t embracing mobile advertising, despite the fact that three quarters of Australian mobile internet users are “somewhat or very comfortable” with ads via their handsets. A study conducted by InMobi and ComScore shows that Australians have the highest level of comfort of any country or region when it comes to mobile ads, 12% higher than the US and 7% higher than Europe. The number of page impressions viewed by Australian mobile users went from 233 million last July to ...

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75% of Australians are comfortable with mobile ads, new study reveals

February 08, 2011

Australians are more willing to receive ads on their mobiles than any other market in the world, new research from InMobi and ComScore has found, with three quarters of respondents saying they would be comfortable with mobile advertising. But InMobi says smaller businesses aren't taking advantage of a market that is actually willing to receive ads, and Australia-New Zealand regional director Rob Marston says SMEs need to start harvesting this market. "There's a very huge gulf between mobil...

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Sick of seeing ads on your smartphone? No you're not, according to new study

February 07, 2011

Global mobile ad network InMobi's latest study of consumer attitudes toward mobile advertising shows Australian smartphone users are the world's most receptive to mobile ads. If you find yourself distracted, irritated or dumbfounded by the advertisements you see on your smartphone, then here's a newflash: you just might be in the minority. A new global survey released today by independent mobile ad network InMobi concludes that Australian mobile users are the most comfortable with mobile adve...

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For InMobi, Apple And Android Are Eating Up Global Mobile Ad Share

February 03, 2011

Global mobile ad network InMobi is making a big push to gain smartphone ad share. Back in June, it announced a $2 million promotion to get Apple and Android mobile app developers to serve up its mobile ads. By October, 2010, it was serving up 5.8 billion ad impressions on smartphones, according to a report it just put out (embedded below). That represents 24 percent of the global ad impressions InMobi serves overall. In 90 days it increased its overall global ad impressions by 3.7 billion...

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Ads reach more Nokias than iPhones in APAC

January 06, 2011

Asia-Pacific advertisers seeking to hawk their wares on the mobile platform need not look solely to Apple’s iPhone as the device of choice. According to a report from mobile ad network InMobi, Apple’s hot-selling device may be leading the Asia Pacific market with an 8.2% share of ad impressions, but the remaining 9 device models on the region’s list of top 10 handsets are products of Finnish manufacturer Nokia. Nokia may be losing market share in many developed markets, but its produ...

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InMobi’s Naveen Tewari on Mobile Success in India

January 04, 2011

Haegwan Kim: Let me start by asking your personal definition of success? Naveen Tewari: Not that I’ve thought about it, but let me try and give you some bullet points on how I think about success. I think the first thing foremost is the ability to make an impact in changing the world. And if you can make an impact in the world then you are successful. The key questions are the magnitude of success. It depends on what’s the magnitude of people that you are able to impact with what you...

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No Profits from a profitable idea? Rethink on team building

December 28, 2010

A great idea with a well set ROI proposition, still the business hasn't turned around profitable? It has to be the team. "All start-ups start with one unique idea to address customer pain point. While the idea seems very interesting initially it may not be true during execution," says Anil Joshi of Mumbai Angels. It is very important for entrepreneurs to validate their solutions. The members of the National Venture Capital Association considered management as the most heavily weighted factor ...

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iPhone OS dominates European mobile ad market with 31.9% share

December 16, 2010

Research from mobile ad network providerInMobi has found that iPhone OS currently dominates the European mobile ad market with a 31.9% share, while Nokia’s share has slide to 19.7%, putting it in second place. Android OS, meanwhile, is making its way after a slow start in these parts: the platform has gained +9.5 share points between July 2010 and October 2010, growing to a 12.9% share. The rapid decline of Nokia (-6.0 share points in the past 90 days alone) is a major inflection point f...

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Relevancy is better than free

December 09, 2010

Source - THE telecom CHANNEL

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Giving on the go: Cause Marketing via Mobile Media

December 08, 2010

After a devastating earthquake hit the island nation of Haiti in January this year, the American Red Cross set out to raise funds for the survivors. Its Text Haiti campaign was a resounding success, raising US$32 million in the month that followed. Most interestingly, 10 per cent of those donations came through the mobile channel. More than ever, the time is right for the merger of cause marketing and mobile media. The financial instability of the last two years has changed brand-conscious...

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Indians Most Receptive To Mobile Ads : InMobi Survey

November 23, 2010

InMobi, in partnership with comscore has release a report titled – A Global View of Mobile Advertising which reveals unexpectedly high levels of user acceptance of mobile advertising in India. The report is based on a consumer survey of around 3500 users across Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, India, and Australia. They were questioned about their comfort and willingness to be served with mobile ads and also on any discernible benefits of the same. According to the survey 72% of Indians were...

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InMobi: Mobile ads a huge draw in APAC

November 21, 2010

Mobile advertising continues to be one the fastest-growing advertising platforms in Asia, with two-thirds of the region's consumers comfortable with mobile advertising, while 54 percent are ready to receive personalized advertisements, according to a survey done by InMobi, a global advertising network. The poll, carried out in September across five key Asian markets, also showed that 46 percent of respondents benefitted from being introduced to a new product through mobile advertisement...

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InMobi, World’s Largest Independent Mobile Ad Network

November 20, 2010

Primary motivation for starting a company I always wanted to make an impact with the work I do and help grow the economy in some way. When I came to India after working for a couple of years, I saw an opportunity where I  knew that I could make that impact and fuel the growth of the industry. Being one of the causes for the growth of an economy motivates me to do more. Major steps you went through to start your company 18 months prior to starting my company is what I call an exploration phas...

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Naveen Tewari, Founder, InMobi, The World’s Largest Independent Mobile Ad Network

November 19, 2010

InMobi - Global Mobile Ad network To be number one not just in India but the world takes a very special kind of Entrepreneur with a very special business idea. You might be thinking that such Indians are few and far between but Naveen Tewari the founder of InMobi has stepped up to the plate with Globally recognized as “The World’s Largest Independent Mobile Ad Network”, InMobi has offices inLondon, San Francisco, Bangalore, Tokyo, Mumbai, Johannesburg and Singapore. Powered by...

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InMobi made the AlwaysOn Global 250 list of top private companies

July 21, 2010

The eighth annual AlwaysOn Global 250 top  private companies have been announced. The AlwaysOn Global 250 represent the top emerging companies in the Global Silicon Valley that are demonstrating significant market traction and pursuing game-changing technologies in on-demand computing, digital media, and greentech. Click here to read the official announcement and the list of the 250 companies.

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Indian Startup InMobi May Be The Big Winner In Apple-Google Ad Brawl

July 16, 2010

Mobile advertising network, InMobi, has come a long way since we first covered them in April 2008. Today they are probably the second biggest mobile advertising network in the world, with nearly 17 billion monthly impressions combined on mobile apps and mobile websites. Google’s AdMob has 18 billion impressions/month. Most of InMobi’s ad impressions are outside of the U.S. The bulk – 10 billion – are in Asia where the company first launched. 2 billion are in the U.S., where the compan...

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Peak Performance

July 09, 2010

David Murphy talks to CEO Naveen Tewari about the mobile ad network's rapid growth and global expansion. Naveen believes the key reason for success has been InMobi's relentless focus on the technology platform. He also talks about InMobi's Mobile Customer Discovery - an smart way for advertisers to discover new audience. Read more about this in the cover story on page 18. Open publication - Free publishing - More opinion

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