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InMobi Exchange Supports Google Active View

Published on February 01, 2018  •  Destination CRM

InMobi now supports Active View, Google's viewability verification product, meaning that advertisers can buy in-app VAST mobile video inventory on InMobi Exchange that supports Active View viewability metrics.

Buyers who are using DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) and DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) can now track and buy against Active View metrics on InMobi Exchange for in-app mobile video campaigns, including vertical video.

InMobi remains fully committed to the IAB Tech Lab's Open Measurement SDK initiative and plans to be an early adopter when it is released later this year. InMobi and Google product teams have worked to create this immediate solution for supporting Active View for current campaigns. This solution will remain in effect until the launch of the IAB Tech Lab's Open Measurement SDK initiative.

"We're excited to be supporting Google's Active View viewability product. DCM and DBM customers can now measure buffer-free, high-definition in-app VAST video on InMobi Exchange, verified by Active View, at scale globally," said Sergio Serra, product manager of brand and programmatic at InMobi, in a statement.