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Miip stitches your past experiences, relates it to the current context and predicts the future, says Mohit Saxena, CTO, InMobi

Published on October 19, 2015  •  YourStory

“When we first went to consumers telling what we do, people asked us if we were the ones sending spam messages on their phones,” says Mohit Saxena, CTO and Co-founder, InMobi. It took the team time to explain that they were in the mobile web and apps segment. Advertising, however, Mohit adds, was about ROI and understanding what the advertiser was expecting.

With time, Google, Facebook, and other big names started entering the fray making the space more visible. Mohit says that at one point in time there were close to 150 mobile ad networks. This gave InMobi leverage and helped people understand that no matter how much advertising is disliked, it helps keep the content on web free. “But it needs to be meaningful for everyone. We soon realised that user experience was an important entity,” adds Mohit.

Bring Relevance

This also was the time when some of the best and clean-designed UIs and apps were launched. “Relevance began to matter stronger than ever. We knew that we couldn’t show football ads to a cricket fan,” says Mohit. The ad, therefore, not only started looking like the content but needed to be a part of it with relevant information.

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