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New Mobile App Developers Report Reveals Today’s Top Mobile Ad Formats, Revenue Models and More

Published on February 15, 2016  •  MAW - Mobile Advertising Watch

What’s the latest in the world of mobile app development? A just released report from the InMobi Insights team — State of Mobile App Developers 2016 — tells the whole story.

InMobi surveyed more than 1,000 respondents across 155 countries to unearth the latest trends in the mobile app ecosystem, including developer mindshare, platform of choice, revenue models, and mobile ad network preferences.

For instance, when it comes to top platforms, 86 percent use Android, 57 percent work with iOS, 21 percent use Microsoft Windows, 5 percent use RIM, and 3 percent also use Symbian (many developers work with more than one platform). The most popular monetization methods include banner ads (45 percent); interstitial ads (36 percent); native ads (29 percent); video ads (27 percent); rewarded video ads (24 percent); and playable ads (15 percent).

To download the InMobi whitepaper with much more detail, click here.

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