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New from InMobi: In-App Video Viewability Suite for Brand Advertisers

Published on March 03, 2017

Global ad platform InMobi is launching something new: the InMobi Video Viewability Suite. The suite combines support from two leading independent video measurement partners: Integral Ad Science (IAS) and Moat.

“With this, InMobi is the first independent in-app advertising platform to integrate both IAS and Moat at the SDK level, to provide the highest level of independent viewability measurements,” according to Thursday’s announcement to media.

Last year, InMobi integrated the Moat SDK, which is a Media Rating Council (MRC) accredited solution. Now InMobi has integrated the IAS SDK, also an MRC accredited solution. This development unlocks access to premium brand dollars by offering fully viewable video ad inventory that supports today’s trending immersive and high performing formats such as native, vertical, and 360 video.

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