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MWC 2016: The Future Of Apps Is The Mobile Web, The Future Of The Mobile Web Is Apps

Published on February 22, 2016  •  Ad Exchanger

The debate over which will prevail – native apps or the mobile web – is moot.

The question, rather, is not which will win, but when the two will merge into a more fluid system centered on content and discoverability, rather than friction and discrete downloads.

“We’re going to see less disparity between the mobile web and what we know as apps,” said Jim Schinella, chief business officer at Fyber. “It’s a natural evolution. Innovation will always go to the heart of where there’s friction.”

Although virtual reality headsets, slick new phones, the Internet of Things and driverless cars will steal most of the headlines at Mobile World Congress this year, it’s mobile software – the thing that powers all these things – that’s set to be a sleeper theme.

On Monday, roughly 100,000 mobile execs will converge on Barcelona for the show.

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