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Viewability Standards Can’t Become A Whipping Post For Mobile: InMobi Boss

Published on April 26, 2016  •  B&T Magazine

InMobi’s Australian chief Jon White has sounded a clarion call to the mobile advertising industry saying that as a united body it needed to stand up and defend itself from being held to a higher standard than other media on viewability. Speaking at Rubicon Project’s Australia Marketplace Summit earlier this month (and previously reported in B&T), White drew on his 25 years of media agency experience to assert his view that simply because mobile could be measured more effectively, didn’t mean that was a fair comparison to other media.

“I think as an industry we have to be prepared to stand up and back ourselves. On the one hand you’ve got viewability standards being set that say that an ad has to be a 100% in screen for at least one or two seconds depending on the format. And that’s fine – and that makes perfect sense. There must be an opportunity to see the ad.

Read the original article here.

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