What is GDPR?

GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation and is a European Economic Area (EEA) regulation designed to product consumer data rights. GDPR substantially expands the definition of personal data to mean any information relating to an identifiable person who can be directly or indirectly identified by reference to an identifier. It goes into effect on May 25th, 2018 and primarily emphasizes EEA consumer's right to give or revoke  consent for the use of their data and to know how that data is being used.


Is InMobi GDPR compliant?

InMobi is committed to complying with GDPR when it goes into effect on May 25th, 2018.


Does InMobi have a Data Protection Officer (DPO)?

Yes, InMobi has appointed a DPO as per requirements under GDPR. Please contact


Is InMobi a Data controller, Joint Controller, or Data Processor?

Each of these roles is clearly defined by Chapter 4, Article 24 - 43 of the GDPR text which can be found here


For Publishers

InMobi is a Joint Controller with the Publisher.


For Advertisers

(a) If the Advertiser is sharing Personal Data, then InMobi is a Data Processor with the Advertiser being the Controller.

(b) If InMobi is sharing Personal Data with Advertiser, then InMobi has determined its position to be the Controller with the Advertiser being a Data Processor.


What information does InMobi collect?

The data we collect and purpose of collection are referenced in our privacy policy at InMobi Privacy Policy.


What is the purpose of processing such data?


For Publishers

(a) optimizing mobile online advertising campaigns across InMobi's network whether owned, operated or controlled by InMobi including but not limited to the programmatic channel

(b) interest-based targeting of InMobi ad campaigns or other survey based services

(c) data-targeted ad inventory forecasting

(d) providing its customers, partners and relevant third parties with data as part of campaign reporting and performance

(e) enrichment, creation of audience profile/segments including sharing with data partners for enrichment purposes


For Advertisers

This will depend on Data Processing Agreements that each advertiser prepares.

Please get in touch with your account manager to get more information.


Is any of the collected data transferred outside of the EU?

Yes. InMobi reserves the right to transfer personal data to recipients outside of the EEA (subject to data sharing agreements with our partners and other relevant documentation in accordance with principles of GDPR.


How will InMobi collect user consent?

InMobi does not gather user consent directly and will rely on our partners to request and acquire consent from their users.


For Publishers

InMobi respects the publisher's relationship with their user and will rely on the Publisher to obtain appropriate consent from data subject and to pass that consent on to InMobi.


For Advertisers

Where Advertiser provides Personal Data, InMobi will rely on the Advertiser to obtain appropriate consent from data subject for InMobi's processing.


What will InMobi do in cases where you do not have user consent?

InMobi will never collect or pass user data to either an advertiser or a publisher without user consent. Parallely, InMobi is working on a solution to show non-targeted ads where there is no user consent available.


What happens if the user withdraws the consent?

For Publishers

Publishers are required to notify InMobi where consent is withdrawn or revoked and accordingly, InMobi will honor such data subject's request.


For Advertisers

Where Advertiser provides Personal Data, Advertisers are required to notify InMobi where consent is withdrawn or revoked and accordingly, InMobi will honor such data subject's request.


How will InMobi signal user consent to Partners?

Please get in touch with your account manager to get more details.

InMobi is adhering to GDPR Transparency and Consent Framework for passing consent to partners.


How does InMobi handle user data?

InMobi has well established privacy standards including policies which are reviewed regularly, systems which are tested frequently, regular employee data safety training, and industry standard encryption practices.


Further details on InMobi's privacy policy can be found here.


How can an advertiser share their suppression lists or segments with InMobi?

Please use our Segment API s to share your segments with InMobi.


What happens if I am not compliant with InMobi's GDPR solution?

For Advertisers

InMobi will be unable to facilitate campaigns targeted to the EEA users.


For Publishers

In case of non-compliance, InMobi will drop the traffic from EEA region and this will have a negative impact on the monetization.


What technical and organizational measures do you have in place to secure user data?

InMobi has policies and measures in place for Data Security, Breach Notification and Security Training. Policies can be shared on a case-by-case basis which requires the signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).