Network Research: 2016: Q3 - Global

From TV, to online and now mobile, Video has come a long way and has a longer journey ahead of it. Mobile users today are consuming more video content on their mobile devices than ever before. 55% of all mobile content consumed in 2015 was video. Moreover, this is expected to grow by 75%

in 2020.

We at InMobi took a closer look at all things video ads on mobile to bring you a few chosen insights. Insights that not only reveal user behaviour and preferences but will help you plan your own mobile video ad strategy better.

Download the Global infographic now to discover:

  • Growth in video ad consumption
  • Top countries hooked on video ads
  • Video ad performance over traditional formats
  • Popular video ad categories amongst users
  • Video ad preference over WiFi and Mobile Data
  • Day of the week with highest video ad consumption

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Coming Soon – Regional Video ad insights.