Mobile Marketing Trends from Australia & New Zealand

Mobile advertising in Australia & New Zealand is poised to explode in the next five years.

By 2021, $5.7 billion will be spent on mobile advertising alone. With this, mobile will account for 71% of all digital ad spending, surpassing all other digital channels.

To understand this ever-evolving mobile landscape, we at InMobi analyzed millions of impressions delivered through our network between Q1 2017 – Q3 2017, to unearth top trends in the mobile advertising space in ANZ. These data-driven insights can help advertisers make smarter, informed decisions about their mobile strategy and how to stay relevant as consumer behaviors continue to evolve.

Download this report to learn:

  1. Mobile advertising landscape in Australia & New Zealand
  2. Top ad categories consumed via mobile
  3. Top mobile ad formats preferred by the ANZ market
  4. Top smartphone handsets owned in ANZ
  5. Mobile Video and Programmatic trends in the region
  6. Case Study: How mobile video advertising improved brand metrics