Mobile Marketing Trends from Down Under

Mobile is poised to surpass all media channels by 2020.

Not only are smartphones the most used of all digital devices, but they also attract the highest share of spending from advertisers. Mobile advertising spends are forecasted to increase by 49% between 2017 – 2020, to account for 43% of the total media advertising spends. With over 50% reach across Australia and New Zealand, InMobi is a leader in improving the lives of people by enabling them to get the most value from their mobile devices. Through personalized advertising experiences, consumers are able to discover new products and services on their mobile devices. Brands can engage consumers globally and in Australia & New Zealand by offering contextual and curated recommendations to mobile users.

In order to guide advertisers through this complex journey, we analysed millions of impressions delivered through the InMobi network between Q1 2017 – Q3 2017 that unearthed top trends in mobile advertising in the ANZ Market. These data driven insights can help advertisers make smarter, informed decisions around their mobile strategy and how to stay relevant as consumer behaviours continue to evolve.