Marketer and Publisher Perceptions: Native Advertising on Mobile

As consumer behavior continues to change, advertisers are adapting by evolving more sophisticated and relevant mobile marketing tactics. Mobile native advertising, possessing the twin qualities of higher engagement and lower intrusiveness, became 2014’s catchphrase.

Today, native advertising on mobile has arrived. But is it on every brand marketer’s agenda? Is it seen as a promising advertising approach? How will it change perceptions, spend, and the mobile advertising landscape?

Our research focuses on some key questions that unearth perceptions towards native advertising on mobile:

  • How do people define native on mobile?
  • What is the current state of native ?
  • What are the main drivers towards, and barriers against, the adoption of native?
  • What are the key measurement metrics?
  • Which verticals are likely to spend on native?
  • Where is native headed towards?

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