Mobile Gaming Cross-Market Analysis (First Edition 2014 Q1)

The Mobile Gaming Cross-Market Analysis (First Edition 2014 Q1) is an industry resource for developers looking to build and monetize their mobile games in the United States, China and Korea. It attempts to explain differences both across markets and within each market so that developers can better understand their target consumers to construct solid acquisition and monetization strategies.

Executive Summary

Mobile gaming is on the rise and not just in the United States; it’s an international affair! Yet gameplay differs drastically across regions, and history plays a big part in how these different gameplay behaviors play out today.

In this paper we will analyze gaming landscapes, gameplay habits, and gameplay context in the United States, China, and Korea. Through this analysis we will better understand how to create a robust monetization strategy that accounts for the specific trends of each region.

Three themes will be discussed in this paper:

How differences across markets impact a country’s gaming landscape
How gameplay and context differs across markets and factors that may contribute to these differences
How mobile developers can tailor their acquisition and monetization strategies to each of these markets

Topics Covered

Gaming Landscape
Gameplay and Gameplay Context
Monetization Opportunities