Mobile Gaming Playbook, US (First Edition 2014 Q1)

The Mobile Gaming Playbook, US (First Edition 2014 Q1) is an industry resource for developers looking to build and monetize their mobile games in the United States.

Executive Summary

The game industry is evolving – from consoles to mobile and from armchair warriors to on-the-go gamers – opportunities to monetize are multiplying. The rise of mobile game adoption has broken barriers to reach and scale, and developers are clamoring to climb the charts. However, without a succinct monetization strategy, even top titles may see little to no return.

This whitepaper attempts to identify game segmentation trends, provide in-depth analysis of game consumer thought and behavior, and provide insight on how marketers can utilize gamer metrics to construct successful app acquisition and monetization strategies in the US market.

Topics Covered
Mobile gaming market overview
Game segmentation
Gamer psyche
Monetization strategy
User Acquisition
In-app purchases
In-app advertisements
Strategy Summary