State of Mobile App Developers 2016

The mobile revolution and the surge in smartphone usage is driving the market for mobile applications. Mobile app development is a prospering industry and is going to get bigger over time. The growth in consumer demand for mobile apps and the growing time spent on these apps is encouraging for both aspiring and seasoned developers to innovate across mobile devices. The speed at which the app industry continues to evolve, the tools and platforms available to build and monetize apps, is overwhelming for developers who are looking to build a sustainable business.

InMobi undertook a survey of mobile developers across the world in an attempt to understand the ever-changing ecosystem better. The State of Mobile App Developers 2016 report is drawn from over 1000+ respondents across 155 countries. It showcases insights on the latest trends in the mobile app ecosystem,

  • Developer mindshare
  • Platforms of choice
  • Revenue models
  • Motivations and challenges that developers face
  • Ad monetization preferences

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