The State of Mobile App Downloads – Q3, 2014

The State of Mobile App Downloads series provides insights for Advertisers and Developers alike into the world of mobile app downloads. Through our analysis of millions of app downloaded each month, this report highlights the latest trends in the mobile app ecosystem on our network. Which is the most expensive market for app downloads? Where should I look next for my app downloads? Where can I find the most gamers? When are users most active on their devices?

We answer these and many more questions in our latest report. Developers can leverage these insights to maximize their user acquisition strategy.

Topics Covered

  • Regional breakdown of app downloads (%)
  • Top 10 nations for app downloads
  • App crazy nations (per capita app downloads)
  • CPI App Installs
  • CPI by OS
  • App category heavy weights
  • CPI for App categories
  • Gaming leaderboard
  • Category leaders by countries
  • Popular time for downloads
  • Global landscape for app downloads
  • Global landscape for CPI

This report is created to help app developers formulate a user acquisition strategy to grow their user base quickly and efficiently and stand out in the vast ecosystem.

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