The State of Mobile Video Advertising for Brand Advertisers : Southeast Asia H1-17

Southeast Asia is a truly mobile-first market. The gap between TV and smartphones is far narrower in SEA compared to the US or U.K. Consequently, when it comes to video, Southeast Asian instinctively prefer mobile screens compared desktop. As a result, in 2016 advertising spends on mobile accounted for over half of all digital ad spends. As video consumption on mobile rises exponentially, marketers will continue to increase their spends on video to match the growing demand for all things video.

At InMobi, we analyzed a half-years’ worth of data to bring to you the most powerful insights on how marketers are leveraging Video as part of their mobile advertising strategy.

Download the full report now to explore :

  • Mobile Video ad consumption trends around the world
  • Mobile Video ad’s performance against other formats
  • If SDK integration has an impact on campaign performance
  • Type of video ad content popular amongst Southeast Asians
  • Viewability metrics against the MOAT benchmark
  • Viewability metrics across all Southeast Asian markets

Looking for more Video Insights? Download our Q1’17 State of Mobile Video Advertising Report for Southeast Asia