The State of Mobile Video Advertising in 2018 | Global Report

Video is driving the growth of mobile advertising!

In 2018, mobile video ad spending will reach $18 billion! The sheer volume of video being consumed around the world is unparalleled and will grow by another 25% in 2018. At InMobi, we analyzed millions of video ad impressions to unearth actionable insights that would equip advertisers to make smarter decisions about their mobile advertising strategy.

Download the 2018 Mobile Video Insights Report to learn how video can up your game in 2018. Here are 3 top insights to get you started -

  • Brands increased their spends on mobile video ads by 400% in 2017.
  • USA attracted the majority of video spends, and India grew the fastest Y-o-Y.
  • Programmatic has quickly become the preferred buying channel for video ads.

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