InMobi Lead Generation


InMobi may offer solutions to clients that include collection of consumer or end user information and/or inputs with regard to products, services and/or offerings of such clients. These would consist of voluntary information from an end user (u201cyouu201d) as part of an advertisement or survey, e.g. serving an ad that contains a questionnaire or a set of questions regarding a product/services line or obtaining inputs regarding subscriptions, blog posts, coupons, live events, online content etc.

etc. Such information may consist of personally identifiable information or personal data such as name, phone number, email id etc. (u201cPersonal Informationu201d), non-personally identifiable information (u201cNon-Personal Informationu201d), or both (collectively, the u201cInformationu201d).

All of the Information that you voluntarily provide in response to the advertisement or survey shall be collected either directly by InMobi or redirected to the clientu2019s landing page or servers, as the case maybe. In the event any Personal Information is directly collected by InMobi, you acknowledge that InMobi may be required to store such Personal Information for the period during which it continues to manage the applicable advertising campaign for its client on whose behalf the Information is collected. InMobi has implemented internal safeguards to protect the temporary storage of this Information and uses reasonable technical and organisational measures to protect the Personal Information you provide. InMobi has mechanisms to delete or anonymize any Personal Information after the campaign is concluded or within a period thirty (30) days from the same. Pursuant to the conclusion of the applicable campaign, InMobi may retain and use your Information only to the extent necessary for it to create reports for its client, comply with its legal obligations, resolve disputes and enforce agreements and no other purpose. Any Non Personal Information submitted by you may be used for improving our services including serving targeted/relevant advertisements.

You acknowledge that, you have read and understood these terms and permit InMobi to forward or share your Personal Information with the relevant clien for its business purposes. You are hereby advised to read such clientu2019s privacy policies since the use, storage and treatment of your Information by the client will be governed by that client's privacy policies in place, from time to time.


If you have any questions about InMobi Lead Generation campaigns please contact us at:

InMobi will refer any enquiries or complaints to the relevant client responsible for the processing of data provided as part of an advertisement and any complaint will be governed by that client's privacy policies in place from time to time.