InMobi Marketing Cloud

Uncover insights.
Engage customers.
Grow your business.

With Customer Data, Market Research and Customer Experience Platform in one place, you have everything you really need to win in marketing.


Connect the Dots for Every Customer with InMobi Customer Data Platform

Get all your first-party data in one place. Enhance customer understanding with curated second and third-party data. Uncover insights that help you design memorable customer journeys for engagement and action.

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  • Take the Guesswork out of Your Marketing Decisions with InMobi Market Research Solution

    Get answers to all your marketing questions, be it market need, product definition or brand equity. Design surveys, access panels and gain insights. Boost confidence in your decisions with accurate, fast and affordable research.

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  • Transform Customers into Brand Ambassadors with InMobi Customer Experience

    Elevate discrete user touchpoints to great customer experiences. Measure, analyse and act on customer feedback from disparate channels to increase retention and lifetime value of customers.

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Marketing Wins when Platforms Talk to Each Other

Get a unified marketing hub with InMobi's connected platforms across advertising and marketing clouds. Drive marketing success with insights and actions powered by artificial intelligence at the core of these platforms.