Monetize Your Gamer's
Emotional State

Gamers go through an emotional roller-coaster ride when playing games. Maximize your monetization with ad formats which complement the gamer's state of mind.

"Piano Tiles has a global fan following and user experience is central to our games. We are very impressed with the capabilities of InMobi's Monetization Platform."

Huwen Zen
Founder, Umoni Studio, Publisher of Don’t Tap the White Tiles

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The World's Most Advanced Self-Serve Native Advertising Platform

"By introducing native advertising to Tango's messaging service, our top priority was to maintain a great user experience. The ad dollars were second in priority order. It turned out we were able to deliver a delightful ad experience for our members that was a great user experience and led to positive monetization results."

Richard Rabbat
VP of Advertising at Tango Me, Inc.

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InMobi increases eFlashApps' revenues by 185% in less than 2 months.

"Although we have been monetizing our apps with ads for several years, we started our InMobi account only this summer as an experiment. We must confess that we have been blown away by the results we have seen. With 185% increase in revenues and a Partner Manager who is always at our service, InMobi has become our primary platform for monetization today."

-Meeta Shah,CEO, eFlashApps

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Make more money with the InMobi Ad SDK.

InMobi helps developers looking to maximize revenues from apps. With 80 of the top 100 AdAge brands advertising on the InMobi network, we connect premium brands to your target audience, thereby increasing engagement and delivering the best eCPMs.

Got 3 minutes? Get started.

With less than three lines of code to integrate, you can set up your app to start receiving ads in less than three minutes!

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banner = [[IMBanner alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(0, 0, 320, 50) appId"Insert InMobi App ID Here" adSize:IM_UNIT_320x50]; [banner loadBanner]; [self.view addSubview: banner];


<com.inmobi.androidsdk.IMAdView android:layout_width="320dp" android:layout_height="50dp" android:id="@+id/imAdview" appId="YOUR_APP_ID" adSize="15" />


<Ad:IMAdView x:Name="AdView1" RefreshInterval="30" AdSize="15" AppId="<YOUR-APP-ID>" Height="50" Width="320" AnimationType="SLIDE_IN_LEFT" > <Ad:IMAdView.IMAdRequest> <Ad:IMAdRequest LocationInquiryAllowed="False"> </Ad:IMAdRequest> </Ad:IMAdView.IMAdRequest> </Ad:IMAdView>

Complete control over user experience.

Choose where to show ads.

Enjoy complete control over the kind of ads your users see. Filter out ads from the competition, or by category.

Ad formats that deliver results.

From simple banner ads to high-definition banners, rich media, video, expandable and interstitial ads, the InMobi Ad SDK supports every format to drive higher revenues.

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Leverage the world's most advanced native ads platform to delight users with ads that blend seamlessly into your app's content. Learn more...

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Powerful targeting, advanced ad-formats and robust reporting for efficient user acquisition. Learn more...


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Build, run, and measure mobile rich-media ads with our simple but powerful ad authoring platform. Learn more...

Creative solutions.

Our team helps you create and leverage innovative ad formats, including native ads to maximize revenue and user engagement.

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Expertise on demand.

Local service with global reach.

Our regional teams work around the clock to provide expert advice on monetization strategies. The team provides access to rare insights and optimization techniques developed over multiple years of working with some of the largest publishers across the globe.

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