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AerServ joins InMobi to create the world’s most powerful mobile video advertising and monetization solution Learn More ×

AerServ joins InMobi Learn More ×

App Analytics. Ad Network Monetization. House Ads. Lifetime Value.

For the first time ever, mobile developers can access state of the art engagement tracking, user segmenting and targeted response campaign management from the same platform.

Let's Go

Analytics beyond the basics

Deliver targeted messages that improve user engagement and increase life time value.

Campaign analytics, user engagement, purchase behavior, and level completion trends are just a few of the basics you can monitor.
Or create unique tracking events to build your own user intelligence system.

Start with common categories such as purchase history, engagement, and loyalty or define your own custom user segment. Create segments based on in-app behavior and classify your users across various categories such as socialites, advanced users, free-loaders, etc.

Send targeted rich in-app messages such as cross promotions and virtual goods sales and modify app behavior at the segment level. Maximize each revenue channel by promoting the most relevant incentive to each user segment while optimizing your campaigns to acquire more of the high LTV users.

Integrate Unity.

Gain deep insights into user behavior

InMobi Analytics is an absolutely free to use advanced mobile platform that allows premium publishers and developers to better understand their users and intelligently engage with them, helping to maximize Lifetime Value (LTV) and ultimately increase app revenues.

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