InMobi Pulse

Connect at the Speed of Today’s Customer

Connect with consumers wherever they are and capture authentic, real behavior. Mobile-first approach powers massive reach and scale.

InMobi Pulse

Connect at the Speed of Today’s Customer

Connect with consumers wherever they are and capture authentic, real behavior. Mobile-first approach powers massive reach and scale.

Discover the needs of your consumers

Combine direct feedback and unaided mobile data sources to connect with your consumers and act immediately.

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  • BIRA91
  • Cloudnine
  • Coca-Cola
  • Disney Hotstar
  • Dunzo
  • Games 24Seven
  • HT Media
  • Kelloggs
  • Lenovo
  • Licious
  • LOreal
  • Marico
  • Myntra
  • Nestle
  • Philips
  • Practo
  • Reckitt Benckiser
  • Samsung
  • Swiggy
  • TATA Consumer Products
  • Titan
  • Unilever
  • Vivo
  • Vodafone
  • XAxis

Use Cases

Brand Tracking Use Case

Brand Tracking

Track the health of your brand and your competitors using stated and passive mobile engagement data.

Consumer Insights Use Case

Consumer Insights

Understand the digital DNA of your customers gathered from their mobile consumption data and location trends to create smart user segments.

Media Effectiveness Use Case

Media Effectiveness

Measure and dynamically improve marketing ROI by understanding the effectiveness of online and offline media campaigns.

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Direct Consumer Feedback

Easily create and run mobile market research surveys and combine with passive mobile data for an added layer of insight. In-app, mobile-native surveys deliver a seamless user experience and improve authenticity, while built-in AI algorithms ensure response validity.

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Highest Quality Data

Combine robust unaided consumer data gathered from carrier signals and mobile SDK with stated feedback validated by proprietary machine learning algorithms. Make business decisions based on reliable, real-time data, including verified demographics, location, mobile behavior, social sentiment and competitive analysis.

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Precise Targeting

Reach niche audiences in real time and at scale using targeting criteria such as custom location, personas, device, demographic or behavioral attributes. The large respondent global users combined with AI-driven response validation ensures that you get statistically significant results even with refined targeting.

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Customer Success Stories

  • Quote

    Today’s consumer learns, evolves and takes action in a way that is too fast for many of us to keep up with (let alone get ahead of). They are “always-on” and have more control than ever before on when, how and with whom they engage. They seek contextual experiences — meaning their engagement with a brand reflects an understanding of past actions, product usage and a myriad of other factors. Through the application of consumer-focused technologies that are data-driven and mobile intelligent, we have leveraged the always-on dimension of consumer behavior to build and execute an impactful go-to-market strategy for Breeze in the Philippines.

    Rafael Hechanova
    Home Care Mix Development Lead, Unilever Philippines
  • Quote

    Accurate insights helped us create meaningful and frequent touchpoints with customers and get a holistic view of their expectations to increase brand adoption in India

    Chaitanya Shravanth
    CMO, Cloudnine
  • Quote

    We were impressed with the speed and efficiency of using InMobi Pulse. The targeting features allowed us to reach in-store visitors and collect real-time, genuine feedback on the customer experience 4x faster than our existing tools. We now have a richer understanding of our shoppers and are implementing changes to deliver a more delightful in-store experience

    Amit Doshi
    CMO, Lenovo India
  • Quote

    Within a matter of weeks, the survey was deployed and we had a comprehensive dashboard to view results for as well as its competitors. This was incredibly helpful in understanding awareness and usage among our mobile audience. The results also highlighted quick wins to in-market campaigns that we could implement and have an immediate impact on traffic and conversion rates.

    Amie Lindaas
    Senior Manager, Research and Insights
  • Quote

    Unlike most solutions in the market, InMobi Pulse delivered end-to-end measurement of a massive OOH campaign. The combination of accurate footfall analysis, deep consumer profiling, and robust measurement of brand lift was a true differentiator. Our client was able to optimize messaging, identify the drivers of campaign performance, and understand and validate the ROI on the OOH campaign - all in a single platform.

    Kelly Sexton
    Media Planner
  • Quote

    InMobi Pulse helped us overcome the challenge of targeting enterprise customers in the digital world. This really helped us our research capabilities in a cost effective and speedy manner. The ease of conducting the studies was an added bonus. The combination of research skills and technology capabilities made InMobi a very valuable partner.

    Bhavna Diwan
    Asst. General Manager, Market Insights and Planning
  • Quote

    InMobi Pulse allowed us to gain a unique understanding of our consumers’ needs, concerns, and purchase drivers necessary to redefine our go-to-market strategy. The accurate and genuine insights InMobi Pulse delivered became the foundation of our updated messaging, creatives, and content and is now reflected across our digital properties and marketing campaigns. We’re seeing clear results from implementing these recommendations - in increased traffic, conversions, and ROI.

    Gabrielle Zigi
    Director, Digital Marketing
  • Quote

    What makes InMobi Pulse a truly differentiated platform is its ability to connect us with our target audience with granular precision. We have been able to gather consumer insights more efficiently and quickly, and the platform has set us up perfectly to tackle the limitations of traditional research methodologies.

    Umesh Krishna K
    General Manager, Brand Marketing
  • Quote

    With the advanced targeting and location features of InMobi Pulse, we were able to accurately gauge consumer sentiment around the event and measure marketing ROI. The insights are a crucial input to our marketing plans and channel investment for the April Fools’ Fest event in 2019.

    Aanchal Chauhan
    Head, Digital Marketing and PR

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