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Survey Design

  • Multiple question formats

    Choose from question formats such as matrix ranking, image select, voice-input and opinion scale

  • Optimized for multimedia

    Insert video, images or carousel to add visual aids to your mobile-first surveys

  • Advanced survey design logic

    Incorporate advanced survey features such as branching logic jump, screener question, piping and randomization

Audience Targeting

  • Precise targeting criteria

    Choose your audience with a variety of targeting levers such as location, demographic or lifestyle

  • Customized audience segments

    Use a list of mobile device IDs to target custom audiences or pick precise locations such as buildings, malls or universities

  • Quota-based sample recruitment

    Assign quotas to your targeting selection to define the respondent composition mix


  • Real-time response validation

    Get qualified responses validated against 30+ AI-driven checks

  • Interactive dashboard

    Access the dashboard with powerful graphs and insights collated in real-time

  • Correlation & significance testing

    Find correlations between questions or answer options using the crosstabs report

Precisely identify and reach your target audience in minutes