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AerServ joins InMobi Learn More ×


Ensure every brand messaging moment is seen by your consumers.

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The most comprehensive viewability and audience verification suite in the market

We have partnered with leading independent measurement providers to bring safety, trust and transparency to your brand in-app campaigns, at scale.

InMobi Viewability Verification Suite

Highly Viewable packages, verified by Moat and Integral Ad Science.

InMobi Audience Verification Suite

InMobi Audience Verification Suite Ensure that your messages reach effectively your desired demographic to maximize return on media investment, verified by Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) and comScore vCE®.

Stay in full control, running in-app brand campaigns with unrivalled transparency and flexibility

We do the heavy lifting to provide you multiple options to help you make the best decision that works for your Brand

Support for every geo, format, device & OS

All countries

Banners, Interstitials, Video

Smartphones, Tablets

iOS, Android

Support for every buying method for ease and control

Our viewability and audience packages are available on managed buying as well as private programmatic channel via InMobi Exchange.

Leading global brand clients rely on us to run their in-app campaigns with complete peace of mind

“We are delighted that our partners at InMobi can now offer this guarantee campaign viewability - they have certainly set the standard for the rest of the industry to follow. This is an impressive development that will allow us to deliver the very best mobile solutions for our clients.”

Iain Jacob, President EMEA,

"Viewability is a top priority for our clients, and we’re pleased to see InMobi ensuring both measurement and quality in this area.”

Krish Sailam, Senior Product Manager for Mobile,

"We use third-party verification and viewability tracking on all programmatic media and are moving the same standards into our reservation buys as well.”

Sanchit Sanga, Chief Digital Officer, Asia Pacific,