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I love working at InMobi because of the exposure I get from the different areas of business - Marketing/Product/Engineering/Sales. It allows me to widen my view of advertising technology. The flexibility in my role as a BD Manager allows me to strike very custom partnerships, something that is rare in other companies. As a BD Manager, I love the hybrid role I am in. It allows me to manage the top 5 accounts in the region, while also on boarding new strategic partners."

- Brian Mun, Business Development, San Francisco

FIVE years at InMobi, with SEVEN different managers, traveled EIGHT countries, managing a team of TWELVE people with NINE different nationalities, working across SIX time zones; getting revenue from HUNDRED odd customers - I continue to learn at least ONE thing every day. Being part of InMobi since its nascent stage till today, makes me a teacher and a student at the same time, motivating me to come to work every day!"

- Ankit Rawal, Sales, Bangalore

At InMobi, I have been able to work on significantly tough problems one after the other, with really smart colleagues/friends who keep the fire burning at all times. The freedom to talk about your ideas to anyone and get time to execute them is the best part of my day. With an inspiring CEO and really smart people, you need to be on the top of your game and thereby grow by the tons each day."

- Inder Singh, Engineering, Bangalore

I work in the Digital Marketing Team. I've been with InMobi for almost a year now and I love every bit of it :) My journey at InMobi has been Superb. Working with a great team and also doing interesting work. The company puts a lot of faith in its employees to let them enjoy their freedom with responsibility. The facilities here are top-notch, best that I’ve ever experienced. The work Culture allows us to have a healthy work-life balance, while contributing to the company."

- Sohan Maheshwar, Marketing, Bangalore

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