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New Publisher User Interface – Driven by the customer

Raghu Ramanujam
5 min read
Posted on January 20, 2010

We launched the new user interface for publishers last week and the response has been excellent. This has been one of the releases which involved a high level of customer touch point. Before we commenced the project, we spoke to several publishers to understand how we could improve the quality of their experience with InMobi. When we then analyzed the inputs, 3 things emerged as areas that needed to be addressed.

1. Need for more data about their engagement.

2. Need for better control on their engagement.

3. Better ease of use of the application.

One area that was not explicitly mentioned (guess our publishers were too polite), but we knew had to be improved was the overall look and feel of the application. In our effort to address the need for data, we laid strong emphasis on enhancing the Reports and Analytics front, where we believe we now provide a very strong value proposition. Publishers can now look at the traffic and monetization at various levels and make data driven decisions based on those. Drill downs are now available at a country, carrier and handset level with visibility into various trends. This should give a strong sense of which categories of traffic are delivering the best monetization for the site. In order to address the requirement for better control, we created filters with a high level of granularity to specify the type of ads that should NOT be served on the mobile sites. It also allows publishers to block advertisers whose ads are not relevant for the site. If you would like to try this, simply register your site; turn ON filters and rest assured that the user experience on your site will be maintained intact. From an ease of use perspective, we redesigned the whole application by tying the logical pieces together. For instance, we made the ad filter creation as a part of site creation. We have also tried hard to make sure that the most performed actions on our application are most visible and intuitive. As far as the improvement on the look and feel of the application, well.... you are the best judge. As you can see, this offering from InMobi has pretty much been driven by customers like you. As the next step, we will be working on enhancing the user experience for the Advertiser - in terms of the way they create and run their ads, manage budgets and monitor the performance of their campaign on an ongoing basis. Stay tuned.

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