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UnifID is an innovative identity management solution built for app developers

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Today’s LandscapeToday’s Landscape

Today’s Landscape

With the restrictions on mobile advertising identifiers such as Apple IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers), app publishers and advertisers will look to move towards alternate IDs that are opt-in based, privacy compliant and can provide some amount of control back to the users. The rise of alternative ID providers has resulted in an ID ecosystem that is highly fragmented. In order to provide advertisers with an addressable audience scale, publishers will have to integrate with multiple identity vendors, which presents several operational challenges.

What is UnifID and how does it work?What is UnifID and how does it work?

What is UnifID and how does it work?

UnifID is an industry-first identity management solution designed for app developers to simplify their addressability journey by integrating with multiple ID vendors in just a few clicks.

The offering allows publishers to seamlessly implement and manage multiple identity solutions, whiletransferring corresponding the alternative identifiers to advertisers looking to enhance their targeting capabilities. In a nutshell, UnifID is a one-stop-solution for in-app identity.

Benefits of InMobi’s UnifID

Maximized addressability
Maximized addressability
UnifID improves the addressability of consented users through alternative identifiers, enabling demand partners to recognize ID-based users at scale and bid optimally.
Simplified ID management
Simplified ID management
Seamlessly select and manage multiple partner IDs through our easy-to-use customer interface, while centralizing your integrations through the InMobi SDK.
Transparent reporting
Transparent reporting
Access to detailed reports to optimize your identity strategy based on an in-depth analysis at impression level.
No financial investment
No financial investment
Publishers can leverage UnifID and start integrating with ID partners at no additional cost.

Partners available through UnifID

We are partnering with multiple leading identity solutions in market to help publishers scale their addressable audiences

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    Following the rollout of Apple's ATT, TextNow partnered with InMobi and LiveRamp to enrich how our logged-in, opted-in user base transacts programmatically with ATS. The results we've seen from ATS through InMobi’s UnifID give us confidence that we can continue to grow our business without sole dependence on device-based identifiers. As we navigate the ever-changing identity landscape, we are both proud and fortunate to have LiveRampand InMobi on this journey with us.

    Evan Thor
    Director, Ad Monetization and Operations, TextNow

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