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Building InMobi’s Self –Learning Network

James Lamberti
5 min read
Posted on April 30, 2010

(29 April 2010, San Francisco CA)  In these past couple weeks we've announced a series of reporting enhancements for our 3,000+ mobile publishers globally (http://inmobi.com/publisher/reports-analytic/) and today, we lauch our advertiser analytics tool AdROIt (Inmobi.com/advertiser/adroit).  While the rest of mobile industry continues to spend most of its energy fantasizing about magical new shiny toys or the unfolding saga in Mountain View CA, why would InMobi choose to talk about analytics and reporting for publishers and advertisers? The answer is one of the many reasons why InMobi's mobile ad network grew to become the largest in Asia Pacific and is now expanding rapidly around the world; we view publishers and advertisers as partners.  At InMobi, we are committed to optimizing ROI for everyone involved including publishers, advertisers, and ourselves.  Favor one part of the network over another and you break the healthy capitalism that fuels network performance. So how does this all relate back to our news these past couple weeks?  It's a simple, but powerful concept. Our technology uses real-time data and consumer feedback to automatically improve its performance in real-time.  We call it a "self-learning network" that gets better and better over time. By providing our publishers and advertisers more detailed, transparent data about their performance along with the tools to improve upon it, they become invaluable partners extending well beyond the inventory or ad dollars they provide. Said another way, while most networks basically treat clients like dumb pipes, we partner to offer them control over the valuable data and insight needed to optimize performance. It's a win-win scenario that feeds our self-learning network with additional dimensions of data. This is only the beginning, so keep reading! And thanks. James Lamberti VP Global Research & Marketing InMobi

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