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Raising the Bar For Developers

James Lamberti
5 min read
Posted on June 24, 2010

Hopefully you've noticed all the InMobi news these past couple weeks. Very exciting times for sure.  Our US launch, a big article in Techcrunch, and finally our $2 Million World Developer Fund.  So far the response has been excellent. Hundreds of developers have shown interest and new applications are launching daily. We've had two great meet-ups in San Francisco and connected with some great developers that way also. Thanks to all the early believers out there who have helped us get this far. Now its time to raise the bar... Press releases and promotions are fine, but the most important thing we can do at this point is to engage organically and authentically with the developer community. To that end, allow me to introduce Gregory Kennedy. Gregory started just a few days ago to help us coordinate with the developer community to partner and grow the mobile advertising ecosystem.  While this has obviously been in the works for us for months, the need for an alternative developer advertising and publishing platform is clearly greater than ever.  We are working like hell to provide it and Gregory is now here to help. Our plans from here are simple:

1.  We will live and engage with developers using http://www.twitter.com/inmobi and our Facebook community at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=28792048322

2. We will do our best to address issues, answer questions, and provide information in a timely manner through these channels.

3. We will increasingly take our cue on product development from this community. Our focus for now is to make sure the World Developer Fund is used to maximum effect.  The current run rate has that fund running out out sometime in August, maybe sooner given what we see coming online in the next couple weeks. We will be sure to post progress and encourage participation. The fund itself is a great opportunity for developers short-term, but the bigger opportunity is the long term impact it will have in informing our developer plans going forward. Both Gregory and I look forward to a sincere, healthy relationship with the developer community and will work hard every day to make it a reality. Expect to hear from Gregory soon and thanks again for your support! Best, James Lamberti VP Global Research & Marketing InMobi

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